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At ABGi, we firmly believe in the importance of creating an environment that encourages sharing – sharing is growing. That’s why we organise Sharing events on a quarterly basis.

These events are a valuable opportunity to bring all our employees together to discuss our challenges, rather than just presenting the quarter’s results. 


At Sharing, we take time to celebrate our collective successes and recognise everyone’s efforts. It’s a time to share the company’s achievements, the goals we’ve met and the challenges we’ve overcome. It is a time to highlight the individual and collective successes that are part of our growth and success as a team. 

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But sharing isn’t just about celebratingit’s also about learning and sharing knowledge.

During these days, we offer workshops on relevant internal topics to give our employees the opportunity to deepen their skills, to acquire new knowledge and to stay at the cutting edge of their field of expertise. 

Collègues discutant lors d'un atelier interactif

In the evenings, in a more relaxed and convivial atmosphere, Sharing also provides an opportunity to forge stronger links between our people.

These informal moments are an opportunity for sharing, relationship building and team cohesion. They’re all about relaxing, sharing experiences and making memories. 

At ABGi, Sharing reflects our commitment to collaboration, knowledge sharing and socialising within our business.

We create a stimulating environment where people can learn, grow and bond. It further develops our dynamic and inspiring culture. 

Guillaume Carlier, ABGi

Strengthening professional and personal ties

Cultivating knowledge sharing

Encouraging team cohesion

Stimulating exchange and collaboration

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