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MOVER programme: the new plan to encourage green mobility in Brazil

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MOVER programme: towards green mobility in Brazil 



Beginning in 2024, the Brazilian government launched an ambitious national programme focused on greening and innovating the automotive sector. The programme, known as MOVER, introduces new sustainability requirements. It encourages industry players to invest in more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. 


Aims and ambitions of the programme  


The aim of the MOVER programme is to promote technological development, global competitiveness and sustainability in the Brazilian automotive and mobility sector. It extends the efforts of the previous programme: Rota 2030, which aimed to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the country. 


Who can benefit from the MOVER programme? 


Eligible companies include : 

  • Car manufacturers, 
  • Spare parts companies, 
  • Companies with plans to set up plants in Brazil, 
  • And R&D and engineering service providers. 


Programme funding rate  


This new green tax was introduced to encourage companies to reduce their CO2 emissions. It offers tax incentives in proportion to R&D investment. The government will continue to support companies through tax credits for manufacturers, amounting to €650m in 2024, rising to €760m in four years. More than €3.5 billion in tax credits will be made available to companies that commit to investing in green mobility. 

Funding rates will vary between 50% and 320% of R&D expenditure. This programme can also be combined with Lei do Bem.  


The ABGi Brazil & ABGi France teams are available for this programme. To find out more and discuss the implications, please do not hesitate to contact us.