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IP Box : increase the value of your intellectual property assets



The IP Box, also known by its former name ‘Patent Box’, allows a preferential tax rate of 10% on IP income instead of 25% in 2022. 

Introduced as part of the Finance Act 2019, this reform of the tax regime for patentable products is a major reform of the IP landscape.

A system to promote the use of intangible assets 


The IP Box (Article 238 of the General Tax Code) is a tax reduction scheme. This means that the part of the profits relating to IP assets can be subject to a reduced rate of corporation tax of 10%. 


This scheme is : 

  • Recent: applies to financial years beginning on or after 1er January 2019, 
  • Sustainable: based on France’s commitments to the EU and the OECD, 
  • Declarative: which implies an a posteriori control, via supporting documentation, 
  • Calculated on the basis of the tax year, not the calendar year, 
  • Can be combined with the CIR and CII schemes, 
  • Optional: at the initiative of the beneficiary, when the tax return is filed. 


Is your company eligible for the IP Box? 


We suggest a few simple questions to help you qualify and assess your eligibility to take advantage of this preferential tax regime: 

  • Does my company have any intangible assets (patents, software protected by copyright, plant breeders’ rights, etc.)?  
  • What revenue is generated from licences (or concessions) or assignments? 
  • Is my company liable for corporation tax, excluding the loss carried forward? 


If your answer to the first 3 questions is yes, our experts can assess your company’s eligibility for this scheme. Our assistance will be required in the preparation and compilation of robust documentation to demonstrate eligibility and the basis and amount of the associated allowances. 



Identification and analysis of R&D related IP income and eligibility. 



Selection, investigation and assistance in the creation of families and groups of intellectual property assets. 



Work with your teams to determine net income and nexus for each asset (and/or family). 



Assist in drafting and formalising the technical documentation related to the justification of eligibility, supported by our lawyers.

To find out how we can help you unlock the innovative potential of your business, contact us.